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Leadership Workshop: Strategic Planning

East Sussex Training & Development Centre (St Mary's House), St Mary's House, St Leonard's Road
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It does not take much to be convinced of the importance of planning. Research and anecdotal examples abound with teams that have thrived or failed due to adequate or inadequate planning. We are all well aware that when it comes to planning skills, we can either create our own destiny or be at the mercy of the moment. The key is to create the plan that will allow our team to become what it needs to be.

We will look at how strategic planning differs from tactical planning. We will then examine the elements of strategic planning, develop a strategic intent and identify the core competencies, that will allow us to thrive in challenging times.



Training objectives

Aimed at experienced and senior managers, this series of highly participative half day workshops will allow you to develop your leadership skills. Attend all sessions to gain a full programme of learning or just attend those workshops you need to compliment your existing skills set.

Learning outcomes

This workshop will allow you to:

  • understand strategic planning and how it differs from tactical planning

  • develop a Strategic Intent as a foundation for our team plan

  • isolate the core competencies of our team

  • assess our current situation using SWOT Analysis



Additional Information

Please note: Parking around St. Mary's House is scarce due to limited parking.

Corporate Training offer a selection of teas/coffees, hot chocolate and biscuits.


Start Date
Friday 18 October 2019
End Date
Friday 18 October 2019
Closing Date
Thursday 17 October 2019
09:30 - 13:30
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