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Delegates' email addresses as registered on the portal will be provided to the trainer for the purpose of conducting this training only.

Delegates should ensure that their work (not personal) email addresses are recorded - check and update as necessary through 'My Profile and Bookings/Change Contact Details'.

The training is expected to be delivered through Microsoft Teams.

Is this course for you?

You are familiar with basic Excel techniques, including entering and editing data, saving and printing workbooks. You wish to start using and editing formulas to perform calculations in your workbook.
This course includes topics from the Excel Performing Calculations course



Training objectives


The course assumes that delegates are familiar with: basic Windows operations, including using a mouse and opening and saving files entering and editing data, either in Excel 365 or an earlier version.

To take part in this course, delegates will need an internet-connected device with camera and microphone, and an internet connection which can stream video in reasonable quality.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be able to enter worksheet formulas using the three basic calculation tools in Excel

Create a formula

  • Enter a formula starting with =

  • Build a formula using the operators +,-,* and /

  • Understand BODMAS

  • Use brackets in more complex formulas


  • Add up rows or columns of data with AutoSum

  • Edit the formula to change data being added

  • Use Quick Analysis to add formulas to tables of data

  • Check formula results with AutoCalculate


  • Copy formulas to other cells by dragging

  • Understand how AutoFill works


Absolute cell references

  • Understand why dragging formulas might not work

  • Use Absolute Cell references to fix formula problems


Name cells

  • Assign a name to a cell or a range

  • Use names in formulas

  • Edit names


Work with multiple sheets

  • Create a summary sheet using data from other worksheets

  • Build a formula using data from other sheets


Work with dates and text

  • Understand how Excel stores dates

  • Calculate days between two dates

  • Extract and combine text with Flash Fill

Additional Information

Please note that the provider for this session is an external trainer. Once your place has been confirmed look out for invitation to join from

Accept the invitation (and be sure to check your spam folder as well in case it has slipped into that) and the session will automatically drop into your Outlook calendar. You'll get a reminder about 15 minutes beforehand to join the meeting,

Start Date
Friday 18 June 2021
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Friday 18 June 2021
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Thursday 17 June 2021
10:00 - 11:30
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