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Unconscious Bias

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ESC 16/005 

As opposed to traditional training, the kind you might experience when completing compliance topics, this course was designed to awaken your understanding of the unconscious. So, you won’t find scenario testing. You won’t find sections dedicated to certain minority groups. And you won’t be assessed on how well you did. If we did ask you questions about bias, you’d only answer with your conscious brain anyway (you’ll find out all about this in the course), meaning the results would be worthless.

This course uses animated explainer videos to tell the story of unconscious bias, and explain how it plays a big part in your life, especially at work. It doesn’t cover every aspect of the human brain, instead we focus on interesting research studies that bring the topic to life.

The real purpose of the course is to challenge learners to create their own unconscious bias action plan. We provide some tools to do this. But, recognising that unconscious bias is a very personal journey, we want to inspire people to reflect on their own biases. We believe this, not traditional box ticking, is the way to drive real change in this area.

We hope you agree.

Full Description

This course is different to most unconscious bias e-learning modules.


We’re not going to pretend that after 30 minutes of e-learning, and clicking through scenario slides – you are going to be magically cured of your unconscious biases.

No, instead, we want to take you on a kind of unconscious bias journey.


We predict, as you discover more about unconscious bias – you’re going to go through some key stages.

The first being denial – "Me, bias – never!"

After that comes apathy – "If bias does exist – I’m sure it’s no big deal."

And finally, despair, as the reality of your biases sink in – "I’m a monster – I can’t change." 

It’s at this point that we’ll provide you with some actionable advice and take away challenges that can help to combat unconscious biases where you work.

We really hope you enjoy discovering how your brain works.


Are you biased? – Discover that you are indeed bias, but don’t worry, so is everyone else.


Organisational Bias – Explore our case studies that demonstrate how unconscious bias can impact organisations that are actively trying to avoid discrimination.


Big Deal – We dispel the myth that bias is no big deal, and show how many different groups are affected.


Benefits of Diversity – Diversity is a competitive advantage. Find out why.


How to beat it – Importantly, we give you three takeaway challenges to help you become more aware of your own biases, and how they impact your work.


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20 mins. 
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